Spark Energy : Understanding Your Bill

Spark Energy is an energy company devoted to tenants and the rented property market.

Whether you’re a tenant just moving into a new property, or a letting agent managing the ‘move in, move out’ process – we aim to make the change to a new energy supply as smooth as possible.

We’ve made Spark Energy utility bills clear and easy to understand – so you don’t waste time working out any complicated technical details. And if you’d like a bit more information, this sample bill shows you all you need to know.

The sample pictured below is the first page of your bill, and shows a summarised breakdown of your charges. Click on this bill to find out more information on what all the relevant parts of your Spark Energy bill mean.

spark energy billPS. Want to find out about the smart new way to pay your bills, cut costs and end estimates? Visit our Spark Energy Smart Meters website.

Your Bill Explained

Understanding your Electricity Charges

Understanding your Gas Charges