spark energy gas bill

13.  The supply dates covered by your Spark Energy bill or statement.

14.  Tells you which bill section this is : Electricity or Gas.

15.  This is the serial number of your gas meter at your address and is displayed on your meter.

16.  This is the Tariff you are being charged.

17. This shows the breakdown of your charges. Gas units are measured in kWh. You will either have a metric or an imperial meter, as indicated here on your bill. There are two charge rates: Primary and Secondary Rate.  You pay Primary until you reach a certain threshold of units used per quarter. Beyond that, you pay the lower Secondary rate.

18. Shows the readings that have been used to calculate this bill. (C) = customer reading supplied by you. (E) = Estimate. We use estimates to calculate what you have used since your last customer reading. Your bill will be adjusted when you next send us your customer reading.

19. Your gas supply number or Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN). This identification number is assigned to the gas meter at your property, and is unique to your address. It is always dispalyed in this format.

Your Bill Explained

Understanding your Electricity Charges